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Sam grew up in Southwestern Virginia in a blue-collar home. Although it wasn't a Christian home, Sam felt the call of God at an early age. At age 12, with no church background and no parental instruction, Sam answered the call of God's Holy Spirit for salvation. From then on, his desire began to grow. With no way to get to church, Sam took advantage of the blessing of television ministry. Back then, the major networks still had religious programming on Sunday mornings. Sam's favorite was Kenneth Copeland. Sam was even used of God then to influence his friends to get up and watch!
As Sam grew into high school, his lack of Christian fellowship began to show. After an extremely difficult Senoir year, Sam again turned his life to Christ through a weekly youth Bible study. But, like some, Sam was discouraged by the lack of fruit and maturity in his new friends, and he became somewhat of a loner. On the verge of what would soon become a heartbreaking experience, Sam discovered God's ways were the ONLY ways. He found a new side of the Christian life through a campus ministry in his hometown. He attended there a few years, along with church, and grew dramatically in the Lord. It was in this ministry that he first recieved the call to preach. Eventually, when the ministry changed directors, Sam became an intern with the new leaders. However, midway through that internship, God interrupted Sam's plans with a specific call to minister. Pursuing that call, Sam, then in the Pentecostal Holiness church, sought and recieved a Minister's License.
But all the while, something was stirring in Sam. He couldn't put his finger on it, but it set him apart from his peers. Sam found himself feeling "different" than his friends, mainly because of differences with them concerning the Word. Not satisfied with opinions and speculations, Sam sought the Lord to see what the Word itself said. Sam found out and then knew he was different. But, in the process, he found something that suprised him even more. He discovered that the so-called "faith teachers", the very people Sam had been indoctrinated against and had become somewhat hostile toward, were preaching and teaching the very same things Sam had discovered in his own private prayer times! He finally accepted an invitation to visit a local church whose pastors were ordained by Kenneth Copeland and are on Jerry Savelle's board, Christian Growth Center. After a few more visits, Sam realized what he must do. God had not only led Sam to a place where he could grow and develop, but also to a place where he was not considered "different". A part of the Body Sam had once shunned and criticized, he was now a part of! A humbling experience, to say the least!
Sam is now regularly attending Christian Growth Center and is now licensed through Household of Faith Ministries, a ministry of that church. He had previously assisted in their campus outreach to Virginia Tech, and is also currently undergoing extensive training by CGC's pastor, Robert Sowell. In transferring churches, Sam was forced to surrender his credentials in the P.H. church, and understandably so.
Therefore Sam seeks to reach across and tear down denominational barriers. Sam's attitude is that "we can all learn from one another with the Word of God as our standard of measure". Sam desires to take the truth of the Word and the power of God to all denominations and groups through healing services, speaking engagements, miracle crusades, and teaching material. Please be sure to check out our VISION section and contact us for more information or scheduling!
Also, check out our LINKS TO OTHER MINISTRIES section where you'll find Sam's favorite ministries and those who have influenced him most!

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