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Our goal at Sam Maynard Ministries is to help you experience the fullness of the supernatural power of God. Too many don't know about or have never experienced God's power in their lives. Most people don't expect God to do much at all for them. The truth is, it's already been done at Calvary! Sam desires most to see people once again expect God to do something good in their lives (Acts 3:5). Since the days of Oral Roberts' tent crusades, people seem to have forgotten that "God is a good God!". Our goal at Sam Maynard Ministries is to change that! Through healing services, speaking engagements, and teaching materials, Sam Maynard Ministries seeks to take the power back to the church. Through miracle crusades and healing outreaches, Sam desires to show forth God's power and point God's people back to the church. Our eventual goal is to put the crusade ministries "out of business" because of the overflow of God's supernatural power in the local church! If you would like to contact us to schedule a service, order material, or for any other information, please click here.
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